Renewables a common goal, roadblock for legislators, governor

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Lawmakers and Governor Schwarzenegger are still battling over how the state will increase renewable energy in the next decade.

The governor has rejected legislation that would require utilities to deliver one-third of their power to California using renewable energy. Instead, the governor says he believes utilities can purchase solar, wind, or geothermal power generated in other states.

Democratic Assemblyman Paul Krekorian of Burbank says that plan won't help the state meet its goals for reducing greenhouse gases. "Out of state resources will, I suppose, allow California to claim it's reducing its carbon footprint, but the other benefits will largely be lost if we're not generating and using renewable energy right here in our state," he says.

Schwarzenegger has directed air quality officials to develop rules for a renewable energy standard. Krekorian wants to see legislators keep working to pass a law.

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