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New CA tax incentives begin to keep movie, TV productions from running away

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Politicians in Sacramento said they wanted to curb runaway production. Governor Schwarzenegger says that’s resulted in 36 films and television shows scheduled to begin shooting in California between now and the end of the year.

California began to offer tax incentives in July to film productions with budgets lower than $75 million and new TV series for broadcast on basic cable. The Golden State wanted to compete with nearly 40 other locales that offer similar tax credits.

So far, 50 productions have qualified for California’s program. The California Film Commission says half of those projects are independent feature films and nearly a quarter are studio productions.

Sony’s upcoming television series for FX, Lawman, is set in Kentucky. The studio shot its pilot episode in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But producers took advantage of the new state tax incentives, and they’ll begin production soon in Santa Clarita.

While many of the new productions will set up in the Los Angeles area, the Film Commission says others will shoot in Fresno, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.