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Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' tops box office charts

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The posthumous Michael Jackson movie “This is It” topped the charts this weekend. It's number one at the box office.

Michael Jackson’s This Is It won accolades from critics and brought Sony more than $21 million domestically its opening weekend. In its first five days running world wide, the movie has drawn more than $101 million.

Paramount’s low budget horror film Paranormal Activity is still generating a sensation. It comes in second at the box office Halloween weekend. So far it has brought in nearly $85 million. It cost just $15,000 to make.

This Is It' captures Jackson in the weeks before his death as he rehearsed his biggest hits for London concerts. He died in June just before the concerts were to begin.

This Is It originally was scheduled for a theatrical run of only two weeks. The studio has extended it a few more weeks. domestically, leaving it in theaters through Thanksgiving weekend, one of the year's busiest movie-going times.