Getty Leadership Institute announces move to Claremont Graduate University

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The Getty Leadership Institute announced Thursday that it’s changing locations, from the campus of the Getty Center in West Los Angeles to the campus of Claremont Graduate University.

For more than 30 years, administrators from museums around the world have come to the Getty Leadership Institute for professional development. Institute Director Phil Nowlen says it’s all about helping museums attract more visitors.

"Museum leaders are our students, but ultimately, the public is our client," Nowlen told a gathering of Getty and Claremont Graduate University officials at the Los Angeles Public Library.

Many museum leaders want graduate level credit for their work at the Institute, so it’s moving to Claremont and teaming up with the Graduate University’s School of Arts Management. Laura Zucker, who runs the university's Arts Management Program, said the collaboration will allow graduates to compete in a field that demands backgrounds in both business and the arts.

"We see many opportunities to really do wonderful fabulous things," she said.

To support the move, the Getty Foundation is giving a three-year grant of more than $2 million to the university. The new Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University is scheduled to open in January.

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