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Motion Picture Academy awards some notable Oscars early this year

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It may not feel like Oscar season, but four honorees are scheduled to pick up gold trophies on Saturday.
This ceremony at Hollywood and Highland is a new event on Hollywood’s awards calendar.

For the Governor’s Awards, toss out suspense with the sealed envelopes. The winners know who they are in advance.

One is shock movie producer Roger Corman, whose five-decade-plus career includes Little Shop of Horrors, The Masque of the Red Death with Vincent Price, and many others that only a cult fan could love. Cinematographer Gordon Willis, whose approach to light distinguished The Godfather trilogy and other classics, is on the list, too.

So is – you know how to whistle for this one – actress Lauren Bacall. She first ignited the screen at age 19 in To Have and Have Not with Humphrey Bogart, and she’s kept the flame going ever since.

The winner of the Irving Thalberg Memorial Award, Da Vinci Code producer John Calley, is also an honoree. One reason for this awards dinner is that these honorary Oscars won’t take up much screen time on the televised awards show next March 7 – when 10 Best Picture nominees will compete.