Oakridge: One year later

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A year ago today, the Sayre fire tore through Oakridge, a quaint mobile home park in the Sylmar foothills. It destroyed almost 500 homes. After a six-month mandatory evacuation, residents began to move back into the park in May. But the rebuilding process has been slow. Charred metal and rubble lies amidst the 90-odd newly installed homes. The team behind the documentary "The Ashes of Oakridge" returns to the park this week.

It's been a year since the Sayre Fire destroyed 500 mobile homes at Oakridge. Join Off-Ramp hosts to recall the devastation and see what has happened in the year since.

Less than a year ago, a wildfire devastated the Oakridge mobile home park, a small, tightly knit, and by all accounts idyllic community in Sylmar. Queena Kim and Frank Stoltze produced this documentary, in three parts, The Ashes of Oakridge.

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