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Schwarzenegger expresses thanks for armed forces on Thanksgiving

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his gratitude for the American armed forces around the world this Thanksgiving.

Schwarzenegger said "No one appreciates that more than an immigrant like me." Schwarzenegger recently returned from a visit with troops in Iraq and said he shared a meal with soldiers, "worked out together, talked and took a few thousand pictures

"It was important for me to thank them, face to face, for their service and commitment," said Schwarzenegger.

The multimillionaire bodybuilder and movie star recalled arriving in the United States just before Thanksgiving "with nothing but a few dollars and a bag of gym clothes."

"America offered me the gifts of opportunity and success and the blessings of freedom and democracy."

Despite the tough times and uncertainty, Schwarzenegger said he was optimistic. "I believe in California and I believe in the people of California," he said, and urged everyone to "do an act of kindness in your community."