Black and Latino students have lower graduation rates at California State Universities

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A new report card shows black and Latino students at the California State University lag behind in graduation rates.

The report from the non-profit Education Trust looks at graduation rates at public four-year colleges around the country.

At the California State University, only one in three black or Latino students who enter as freshmen graduate with a bachelor’s degree. That’s compared to bachelor's degree for more than half of the entire student body.

The odds are better for black or Latino students who transferred to the CSU system from community colleges. Their graduation rate is only slightly lower than the rate for all students: 63 percent versus 67 percent.

The Education Trust study is one of the most comprehensive examinations of the minority achievement gap at public universities around the country. The numbers are a baseline for improvement: CSU and other university officials want to cut the graduation gap in half over the next five years.