Thousands gather in Pasadena for annual Christmas Dinner in the Park

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For over 30 years, Union Station Homeless Services has sponsored annual Dinners-in-the-Park on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day in Pasadena's Central Park.

Thousands of volunteers spent the day sharing Christmas cheer with less fortunate neighbors.

Union Station Homeless Services held their annual Christmas Dinner in the Park in Pasadena.

Dozens of volunteers formed a receiving line Christmas morning as drivers pulled up to the curb and dropped off bags of food and hot dishes for the mid-day meal.

Most of them said they get more out of it than the people they're here to feed. Adeola Aiyeloja and her family has volunteered for four Christmases in a row. She hopes her two kids will learn something important.

"The value of giving back and thinking of other people," Aiyeloja said.

So, first thing Christmas morning — before they dive under the tree — they go to Pasadena's Central Park and help feed a few thousand people until late afternoon. Then they open their gifts.

"I think there's more gratification from here to feel this before they feel the other one. This is about other people at this time."

As many as 3,000 people enjoyed a Christmas feast organized by Union Station Homeless Services. An estimated 1,000 of them were volunteers.

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