Los Angeles City Council votes to study idea of Film Commission

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A file photo promoting the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on December 18, 2009 in Hollywood, California.

Imagine the city so many people call Tinseltown or Hollywood needing to sell itself as an ideal place to roll cameras. The Los Angeles City Council has voted to study the idea of a Los Angeles Film Commission.

Richard Alarcon, chairman of the City Council’s jobs committee, proposed a Los Angeles Film Commission to help the city promote itself as it hasn’t before. City Council President Eric Garcetti supported the motion by saying that film productions should stop running away.

"For a lot of people who have been looking at filming in Ohio or filming in North Carolina, all you needed to do is turn on the Rose Parade and look at that 75 degree weather — perfect sunlight, dramatic sunlight," said Garcetti. "There’s a reason why L.A. is where films really blossomed "

Tax breaks from other states and countries have stolen the focus from L.A. Feature filming in the area peaked in 1996. Twelve years later, it had fallen off by half.

Garcetti also proposed naming a “film czar” with “good star power” to attract film and TV productions back to L.A. The city's chief legislative analyst expects to study the film commission idea for the next six months and to report back to the City Council.

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