University of California applications for fall admission jump

According to UC admission numbers released today, applications for fall 2010 admissions to the university's nine campuses are up nearly 6percent.

Applications from African-American and Latino students, especially from those who hope to transfer from community colleges and other schools, grew significantly. Applications from foreign students were also up.

Those lucky enough to receive acceptance letters in a few months will pay about $2,500 more a year and will attend campuses that offer fewer courses than the year before.

The bulk of the overall application increase was in the transfer category, reinforcing the widely held belief that many high school graduates seek to take their general education classes at cheaper community colleges before applying to public universities. Cal State saw an even bigger jump in applications for its fall 2010 admission.

Unlike the Cal State system, the University of California hasn’t closed the door to paper applications. Of the 134,000 applications received by UC, 24 were paper applications received by mail.