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California to get over $2 billion for high speed rail

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President Obama is in Florida today to announce that state will receive money to start a high speed rail system. But California’s getting its share of the cash as well.

California was one of many states and regions to apply for federal transportation dollars for high speed rail. But insiders expected the state’s application to be approved largely because the people of California are willing to pick up a quarter of the $40 billion price tag.

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass was in Washington for the State of the Union address when she got the good news that more than $2 billion would be coming California’s way for high speed rail. She says California is in the forefront of the nation "because we were the first state to actually pass a bond. So although the federal government is giving us $2.3 billion, voters approved a lot more than that last year."

The first stretch of rail would connect Anaheim with Los Angeles. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will be in California tomorrow to announce the high speed rail grant.