Public art needed for MTA's Orange Line extension

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Laura London’s artwork at the Orange Line’s Valley College Station in the San Fernando Valley.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is looking for a few good artists to enliven passengers’ waiting time.

In the last couple of decades, Metro’s hired 250 artists to create public art for stations. The agency’s latest project, the Orange Line busway extension in the San Fernando Valley, will require art for five stations.

The agency’s Maya Emsden said the art can be abstract or narrative, like Laura London’s work at the Orange Line’s Valley College Station. "It’s a wonderful piece that’s reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and the Animals because they actually played near that area back in 1969."

March 12 is the deadline for artists to submit their qualifications. A three-person panel will select a couple of artists for each bus station and Metro will pay them to submit a design. Then the panel will pick one artist per station and give each a budget of up to about $100,000 to create the work.

Emsden said the new Orange Line art will be created in porcelain enamel, a material that’s even allowed quilt-makers to create public artworks.

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