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Swedish rapper convicted in Calif. SUV killing

A Swedish hip-hop artist who ran down and killed a man at a Hollywood crosswalk was convicted of second-degree murder, assault and battery Monday.

David Moses Jassy, who also uses the name Dave Monopoly, was acquitted of two other counts, including assault with a deadly weapon. He faces 15 years to life in prison when he's sentenced next month.

Prosecutors said the 35-year-old rapper killed Los Angeles pedestrian activist John Osnes in November 2008. Prosecutors say Osnes banged on the hood of Jassy's rented SUV when it stopped inside a crosswalk.

Deputy District Attorney Sarika Kapoor said Jassy punched Osnes in the face, delivered a "brutal kick" to his head when the 55-year-old bent down to pick up his glasses, and ran over him as he drove away.

Jassy testified that he never intended to hurt Osnes and cried as he told the court that he didn't know Osnes had died until police told him the next day.

He said he got out of the SUV because he wanted to see what had happened to the rented vehicle. He said he thought it was "going to be an argument, not a fight."

Several jurors said outside court that they were not sure Jassy purposely ran over 55-year-old John Osnes or knew that he had done.

Police said Jassy drove away despite witnesses' attempts to stop him. He was arrested after Los Angeles police traced him through the rental car's license plate.

Family members said the victim was a self-taught "talented pianist" who worked in the travel industry so he could play professionally as much as possible.

Jassy claimed to have sung with and written several songs for "High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale, as well as for Swedish, German and other international pop artists.

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