Kyle Gass' Trainwreck a '5-headed Hydra' of rock

Trainwreck with Kyle Gass
Trainwreck with Kyle Gass
Courtesy of Trainwreck

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The music of Trainwreck has been described as "a cornucopia of rock and a five-headed Hydra of pleasure." Though they've been together for years, they've just released their official debut album and on February 27 they take to the stage at Dipiazza's in Long Beach.

Kyle Gass is the band's founder, you may also know him as half of the band Tenacious D with Jack Black. When he is with Trainwreck, Gass performs under the name Klip Calhoun. Gass says Klip is a guy with a heart of gold, with a bad toupee. "He may look a bit creepy," he says, "But by God, he's a nice guy."

Filling out the band is biker-hayseed Darryl Donald (”Lee” of Tenacious D, or JR) and most of Tenacious D’s live/studio band (John Shredman, Boy Johnny, and Dallas St. Bernard). Check out the video for their song "Brodeo":

But to really get a feel for the band, you'll want to be sure to check them out live. "It's probably the best live show out there," says Kyle Gass. "It's like a musical cartoon come to life... Like a trainwreck, it's tough to take your eyes off the show."