CSU faculty mobilizing for large protests

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Image from the California Faculty Association's poster for the March 4, 2010 statewide rally.

The faculty union at the California State University plans four major protests in California this week to oppose further budget cuts to public education.

California Faculty Association President Lillian Taiz says instructors and students at all 23 Cal State campuses plan to take part in Thursday’s rallies. "You will see events going on from Humboldt in the north to San Diego in the south."

The group’s busing people to rallies in four regions, including the San Fernando Valley, downtown L.A., San Francisco and Sacramento. For the first time, she says, supporters from the University of California and public school districts will join in. "This is coalition. This is us fighting for public higher education but also us standing shoulder to shoulder with pre-K through Ph.D."

Although many state legislators say they’re friendly to education, California has cut billions of dollars from public education at all levels in recent years. Taiz said she hopes these rallies demonstrate to lawmakers there’s support to isolate education from further cuts.

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