Funds sought for ill 'Stand and Deliver' teacher

The cast members of the 1988 movie "Stand and Deliver" are appealing for donations to help the movie's real-life subject, East Los Angeles high school teacher Jaime Escalante, pay his medical bills.

The Bolivian-born Escalante, who is 80 years-old, is battling cancer but his family has run out of money to pay for his treatments.

Actress Vanessa Marquez, who appeared in the film, told Fox 11 news in an interview Monday that $5,000 has been raised so far, but $25,000 more is needed.

"Stand and Deliver" dramatized the story of how Garfield High School math teacher Escalante turned a group of no-hoper students into calculus champs.

Actor Edward James Olmos played the role of Escalante.

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