LA Superior Court employees protest cuts

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3355 full

More than a hundred employees of the Los Angeles Superior Court system marched in downtown Los Angeles to protest the layoffs of more than 300 of their colleagues.

Superior courthouses across the state are closed the third Wednesday of every month because of furloughs. The court employees showed up anyway and joined supporters in a march from the Stanley Mosk Courthouse to the Ronald Reagan State Building.

They carried signs that read “Victims can’t wait.” A banner asked “when courts are closed, where will you turn for help?”

Three hundred twenty-nine L.A. Superior Court employees received layoff notices on Tuesday morning, as court officials grapple with an $80 million budget deficit. Court cashier Art Aquino was one of the laid-off employees who participated in the march.

“Yeah, I knew this was coming but I didn’t know that I am one of them,” he said.

His wife, Rosemarie still works as a court clerk.

“Of course, I get affected because we got two kids in school, we got a house, and all of a sudden, we’ve got one paycheck," she said over the chants of the marchers. "Of course, I’m a court employee, so I’ll wait my turn, I guess, so I’ll hope it never happens.”

But Rosemarie Aquino knows it could happen. Court officials have said they could layoff another 500 employees in September, and another 500 a year later.

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