Orange County health officials warn about rabid bats

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Kids who play Little League aren't the only ones with bats these days. Orange County has them, too. And this is the time of year they become more active. But three bats in Orange County have turned up with rabies.

The Orange County Health Care Agency says the rabid bats haven’t bitten anyone yet. But officials say it's a good time to make sure your home is bat proof.

Bats like to squeeze into small spaces. So experts say you should put mesh over or close up all outside openings that are 3/8 of an inch or larger and fix any broken window and door screens.

If you somehow end up with a bat in your house, officials suggest that you try to confine it to an unoccupied room and call animal control. If the bat has rabies, it can transmit the disease to anybody it bites.

Public health officials offer this advice: Never touch a bat with your bare hands, even if it looks dead.

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