Free health clinic coming to the LA Sports Arena

3431 full
3431 full

An international relief agency is coming back to Los Angeles Sports Arena next month to provide health care for anyone who needs help.

Perhaps you remember the images from last year when a relief agency took over the Forum in Inglewood and offered free health care. The scene of people lining up before dawn shed light on the need. Thousands of people waited for hours for a chance to receive medical attention. Dental chairs, optometry stations and examination cots lined the floor of the stadium.

Next month the relief agency Remote Area Medical is coming back. This time the group will set up the massive free clinic at the L.A. Sports Arena. Organizers are expecting more people and are expanding services. KPCC’s Shirley Jahad talked with Dr. Natalie Nevins, who is coordinating the event. She says the need is greater than ever. You can click on the audio button to hear the interview.

State Assemblywoman Karen Bass says today is the day after President Obama signed "the historic federal health insurance reform," and she says she hopes that will, in a few years, "make obsolete" the need for free clinics inside sports stadiums. Right now she says "California has the highest number of uninsured in the nation" with more than 8 million people uninsured.

Stan Brock runs Remote Area Medical. He came to the Sports Arena today to raise the call for health care volunteers. RAM wants hundreds of doctors and medical professionals to offer services. Brock says the need is pressing especially for dental and eye care.

“We’re just about one month away from this event," he says. "It starts here on April 27. So there’s still plenty of time for optometrists and dentists to contact us and make themselves available during that period. “

The massive free clinic will be up at the Sports Arena from April 27 to May 3. You can click the link to the site if you are interested in getting more information about the free clinic or about volunteering.

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