Redondo beach SEA lab to get desalination plant

REDONDO BEACH — A model desalination plant is being built at the Los Angeles Conservation Corps' SEA Lab education center in Redondo Beach, it was announced today.

The demonstration project by the West Basin Municipal Water District, expected to open this fall, is part of an initiative to reduce the amount of imported water in the South Bay from 66 percent to 33 percent by 2020.

"Southern California is faced with a fragile, out-of-date state water delivery system, predicted reductions in imported water supplies caused by climate change, continued statewide population growth, and other limitations,'' said Gloria Gray, president of the water district's board.

The reverse osmosis project will also test ways of withdrawing ocean water without killing sea creatures, according to the water district.

A water education center also is being built in an unused pump station at the SEA Lab property.