Exploding dye pack thwarts attempted bank robbery in Pasadena

PASADENA — A would-be bank robber gave up during an attempted robbery in downtown Pasadena today when a dye pack hidden in the loot exploded.

Pasadena police said the robber dropped his replica firearm and stolen money when the dye pack was activated as he tried to escape.

The robbery attempt occurred at 11 a.m. at the City National Bank branch in the 100 block of South Lake Avenue, said Janet Pope-Givens of the Pasadena Police Department.

The suspect was described as a clean shaven white male in his 20s, 5 feet-10 inches to 6 feet tall, of medium build, with short hair.

He was wearing a light colored shirt and camouflage pants.

Police asked anyone with information to call them at (626) 744-4241.