Cal State Fullerton lecturer arrives in Nepal for Everest climb

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Courtesy of Cindy Abbott

Cal State Fullerton lecturer Cindy Abbot in Nepal acclimating before her ascent up Mt. Everest in May.

Cal State Fullerton lecturer Cindy Abbot is preparing to climb Everest next month. Abbott suffers from Wegener's Granulatosis, a disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessels. She hopes her ambitious climb will raise awareness of rare diseases like hers.

Abbott arrived in Nepal in early April and has been making her way to base camp. She describes the first step on the trail to Everest as a "pretty magical thing. "

Abbott has spent the past couple days in Dingboche, a village in Nepal, so her body could adjust to the climate. While in Dingboche, she spoke to KPCC's Alex Cohen.

Abbott told KPCC she's had no problems with her health so far. She hopes to make the summit attemp in mid-May. First, she and her guides will make multiple trips up the mountain to various heights so she can acclimate.

Audio: KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with Cal State Fullerton lecturer Cindy Abbott in Dingboche, Nepal

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