California immigration advocates call for boycott of Arizona

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Immigrants, activists and supporters of illegal immigrants rally against a new Arizona law on April 27, 2010 outside of Federal Plaza in New York City.

Local immigration advocates vowed to cut all business ties with Arizona to protest that state's tough illegal immigration law. Protesters chanted "No Justice, No Peace" in Spanish as they rallied in downtown

They were there to protest Arizona's no-nonsense crackdown on illegal immigration — and to implore the White House to step up comprehensive immigration reform, so other states don't follow Arizona's lead.

“I got a lot of faith in Obama,” said Juan Jose Gutierrez with the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition. “I fought very hard. I campaigned very hard to get him elected. He promised immigration reform so what we're saying is remember that you promised."

While they push the president and Congress to work on immigration, these advocates are also pushing an Arizona boycott. Attorney Enrique Arevalo said his group — The American Immigration Lawyers Association — has already canceled its convention, planned for Phoenix in September.

“The economic factor is important,” Arevalo said. “It happened before in Arizona when 150 conventions were cancelled back in the '80s when they refused to recognize Martin Luther King as a holiday.”

It's not just about canceling conferences. Xiomara Corpeño wants Californians to keep their money in their pockets — and away from Arizona. Like when that state's baseball team comes to town.

“When the Diamondbacks come into Los Angeles, we will be there to greet them and tell them to go home until their owner stops donating to anti-immigrant legislators and candidates.”

Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed the immigration law last week. It allows police officers to stop anyone they think may be an illegal immigrant.

Labor union organizer Humberto Gomez said he has seen discrimination first hand against immigrants. He’s helping to manage a grass roots protest.

“So this time, we're not going to take it lightly.” Gomez promised. “We're not going to take it lightly for the reason that now we've got kids that have been removed from their parents because they don't have no documents.”

Advocates and residents will march against Arizona's illegal immigration law at a rally this Saturday in downtown L.A.

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