GOP candidates for governor face off in Sunday debate

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Republican gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner.

Republican gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner face off for their second and likely final debate Sunday.

One topic sure to come up is Whitman’s association with Goldman Sachs, the investment bank facing federal fraud charges. Poizner’s already raising the issue in a new T.V. ad.

“Whitman’s entire fortune is intertwined with Goldman Sachs," an announcer warns. "She helped manage Goldman and received sweetheart stock deals so unethical they were outlawed."

Whitman, who served on Goldman’s board of directors, has said she regrets taking part in the now-banned stock sale practice.

The billionaire former eBay CEO has focused her attacks on what she calls Poizner’s “liberal” past on tax and environmental issues. She’s accused the state insurance commissioner of masquerading as a conservative.

Both are vying for those reliable conservative votes in the June 8 Republican primary.

Sunday’s debate is at 5 p.m. in San Jose. The hour-long face off is at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose – where both have spent a lot of time as dot-com executives. The event will be carried live at

Whitman’s a billionaire, Poizner a millionaire, and both have pledged to swamp the airwaves with ads in the run-up to the June 8 primary.

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