EPA strengthens greenhouse gas limits for stationary sources

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Federal environmental regulators say they will limit greenhouse gas emissions from the largest power plants and factories.
KPCC's Molly Peterson reports that the federal Environmental Protection Agency proposed the rule as Congress considers climate legislation.

The new rule would take effect in January. It would cap about two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources - large buildings and refineries. The Environmental Protection Agency says that limiting carbon and other pollutants would yield about 900 permits for existing and new businesses in the first year. The new regulation covers carbon dioxide, methane, fluorocarbons, nitrous oxide and other substances. But it won't apply to small manufacturers and plants below a minimum threshold. The rule signals the federal government's initiative to slow human causes of global warming. The announcement follows just after Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman introduced a compromise energy and climate bill. In doing so, the senators called for support from skeptics; they said it's better for Congress to decide on greenhouse gas rules than an agency.