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Child asks First Lady about immigration laws

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Immigration is conversation topic No. 1 at the White House, where President Obama met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. It also arose when their wives visited an elementary school.

First Ladies Obama and Calderon were fielding questions from school children in Maryland. One girl told Mrs. Obama that her mom had said, “Barack Obama is taking everybody away that doesn’t have papers.” Then she admitted that her mom was undocumented.

L.A. Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra says the incident illustrates the need for immigration reform legislation — now.

He says, "a child asks the First Lady of the United States of America, 'can you make sure my Mommy’s not taken from me?' We need to deal with this. This is not the time for politicians to lose their spine. They’ve lost a lot of other things. We need folks who are willing to act."

President Obama asked for Republican cooperation on an immigration reform bill that would include a path to legalization. San Diego Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray, who heads the Immigration Reform Caucus, said “American should not reward criminal behavior.”

President Calderon is expected to make a personal pitch for comprehensive immigration reform this visit, during his speech before a joint session of Congress.