Los Tigres del Norte to play Disney Concert Hall

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Jorge Hernandez singer and lead of Mexican band Los Tigres del Norte, sings during the ALAS concert at the Zocalo Square in Mexico City, on May 17, 2008.

Disney Hall officials held a press preview today for the June 25 concert of San Jose-based Los Tigres del Norte, the most popular norteño band in the United States and Mexico.

LA County Music Center Chief Operating Officer Howard Sherman said he's a new fan of the five-member band. "I think they’re great, and I also think they will sound great in Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is such an amazing venue for all kinds of artists."

Los Tigres’ most popular songs, like "De Paisano a Paisano," narrate the highs and lows of the Mexican immigrant experience in the United States.

Jorge Hernandez sings in Spanish: ‘who picks the produce, who cleans hotels and restaurants, and who kills himself in construction jobs, while the boss complains from luxurious mansions.’

The concert’s scheduled amid charged political debate around illegal immigration. Joan Smith, a Music Center patron, welcomed Los Tigres’ message to the home of the L.A. Philharmonic.

"I don’t think people mean to exploit others, I think that you have to overcome and improve yourself, we’ve all been immigrants, I mean my family were immigrants too, practically everyone in the United States is an immigrant."

Officials said the concert’s part of an effort to attract a broad variety of audiences to the Music Center. The concert is part of the three year-old Global Pop series. Proceeds from the concert will fund many free arts programs at the Music Center.

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