Los Angeles Film Festival opens

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The 10-day Los Angeles Film Festival is underway. The festival's artistic director David Ansen says a wide range of films are part of this year's offerings.

The festival opened with a screening of "The Kids Are All Right." The film starring Julianne Moore and Annette Bening is a twist on a family drama, centering around a lesbian couple whose children want to meet their biological father.

The festival will also include a documentary on Patt Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinals football player who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. There is also an Iranian film called "Dog Sweat" by young director Hossein Keshavarz. The film depicts underground youth culture in Iran.

"The filmmaker had to shoot it completely on the sly without any officials permits," said David Ansen, the festival's artistic director. "They were really exposing themselves to great risk making this movie because it’s really what really goes on among youth in a repressive regime.

The festival screenings will take place at various downtown L.A. locations, including L.A. Live. The festival continues until June 27.