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Jonah Hill stars in 'Cyrus'

Jonah Hill in
Jonah Hill in "Cyrus"
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The film "Cyrus" premieres at the Los Angeles film Festival tonight. The film stars Jonah Hill as Cyrus. Hill also plays one of the leads in the film "Get Him to the Greek." He recently spent some time talking with KPCC's Alex Cohen about the character of Cyrus and his work as a screenwriter.

"Cyrus" also stars John C. Reilly as a lonely divorcee named John who falls for a great woman, Molly, played by Marisa Tomei. Things go great until he meets her son Cyrus, an odd kid with a penchant for new age music and photography.

"He has an uncommonly close relationship with his mom," Hill says, "both beautiful and extraordinarily unhealthy at the same time." Cyrus and Molly adore each other, but Cyrus is utterly dependent on his mom and doesn't want to share her with anyone – especially John.

In this scene, he persuades John to climb up a tree in Echo Park and pose for photographs.

Soon, Cyrus and John are locked in a heated battle over Molly's affection, as seen in this scene:

In real life, Jonah Hill is hardly like the character of Cyrus. He's poised, funny and incredibly amiable. Hill says he doesn't know too many people like Cyrus, but that there are certain people he could relate to elements of Cyrus' personality. "His actual IQ is extraordinarily high, but his emotional IQ is extraordinarily low," Hill says, "I do know some people like that."

Hill says he's always wanted to be a writer and director. Hill initially got into acting because he wanted to learn how a director can best communicate with actors. Look for several upcoming movies that he's helped pen – including a film version of the TV show "21 Jump Street."