Fans gather for Radio Korea World Cup viewing party

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Kendra Osburn/KPCC

From left to right, Paula Shin, Raymond Yoo, Benny Kimm, Kevin Choi and Shawn Choi are red and ready to cheer on their team.

Armed with their thunder sticks, and wearing red shirts and Korean flags, fans of all ages flooded into the grassy quad outside Radio Korea Media Group on Wilshire Boulevard. Scores of fans were there to watch Korea Republic play Nigeria, which ended in a tie, 2-2.

Radio Korea Media Group hosted its traditional World Cup viewing party and everyone was invited – provided they were wearing something red and did not block the view of one of the two giant TV screens.

“We feel confident,” said Chris Kim, a Korea Republic fan along with his friend/fellow fan Matthew Choi about the match.

And confident Korea’s fans remained.

Even through Nigeria’s goal, Korea Republic fans were excited, engaged and never once stopped cheering. Chants of “Tae Han Min Kook” (Great Korea People’s Country), accompanied by the thunder sticks, could be heard throughout the entire game.

“Korea fans are really beautiful fans,” said Brian Park, a Los Angeles native with family from Korea. “Not only do they pick up after themselves, but it is just their nature to have a very positive attitude.”

After celebrating Korea’s goal, Park continued, “When there are a lot of negative things to look at, the World Cup is something positive that we can all gather behind.”

(Map below is of locations where to view World Cup matches around Southern California.)

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