Senator Feinstein praises Kagan

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Elena Kagan shaking hands with her family, friends, students and colleagues.

Senators are wrapping up their second round of questioning of Solicitor General Elena Kagan at her confirmation hearing for the U.S. Supreme Court. California Democrat Dianne Feinstein used her time to reflect upon the significance of a trio of women on the high court.

Senator Feinstein and Solicitor General Kagan spent a few minutes discussing the legal intricacies of the Constitution’s Establishment Clause. But the California Democrat used the rest of her time to praise the Supreme Court nominee. "I think even the other side has to admit," she said, "you have a wonderfully well ordered mind."

Feinstein said that as the first female solicitor general and the first female dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan has broken through several glass ceilings.

Feinstein called Kagan "a wonderful role model for women." She told the Supreme Court nominee, "you’re reasoned, you have a commitment, you have a dedication and a staying power, you do us all well."

Feinstein noted that federal courts lag behind; fewer than one in three active appeals court judges and fewer than one in four district court judges are women.

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