San Jacinto council members charged in corruption probe face recall

Despite calls for their resignation, four of five members of the San Jacinto City Council who face corruption allegations refuse to step aside.

The four councilmen were all indicted last year on money laundering, bribery and other charges. Now they face a recall election.

Recall proponents collected more than enough signatures to trigger the November recall election. The Riverside County Registrar of Voters has certified the petitions.

The four targeted San Jacinto councilman are among nine people charged in a sweeping criminal conspiracy that involves money laundering, bribes and more. The charges arise from Councilman Jim Ayres’ failed bid for the 65th State Assembly.

Prosecutors say the defendants laundered hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegitimate campaign contributions.

The councilmen have all pleaded not guilty. Steve Di Memmo - the only San Jacinto councilman not indicted - helped authorities with the investigation, and he has repeatedly urged his colleagues to resign.

However, since none have been convicted of a crime, they don’t have to go anywhere - unless voters decide to pull them from office in November.