Water Resource Center Archives to move to UC Riverside

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A one-of-a-kind library collection related to water in the West will move to the University of California at Riverside and the Cal State campus in San Bernardino. UC Berkeley had maintained the library for more than five decades.

This collection is full of obscure gems. Joseph Barlow Lippincott was right hand man to William Mulholland on the project to deliver Owens River water to Los Angeles. Five thousand pictures he compiled from waterworks projects around a century ago are among the library's holdings.

So too are 19th-century mining maps, oral histories, hydrologic studies, videos, and farming newsletters.

University of California officials say the two Southern California campuses have more expertise to maintain the collection than archivists at its longtime UC Berkeley home. Concerns about money also prompted UC officials to seek support from different campuses.

The Water Resource Center Archives are available on line for no charge. After they're moved to their new home, library patrons will have to pay to access the collection at UC Riverside.