San Bernardino police make arrests at big electronic music festival

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A week after San Bernardino County called for a moratorium on “raves,” more than 30 young people went to jail or to hospitals after one of the region’s largest electronic music festivals.

The “Audiotistic” concert drew about 25,000 people to the San Bernardino National Orange Show Events Center for a weekend of sweat-inducing dance music. Police busted 21 people on drug charges.

Drug overdoses, dehydration and other medical emergencies landed another 15 people in the hospital. Recreational drugs like Ecstasy are common in the electronic music scene.

Their use can cause severe dehydration and heart problems.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the Southland have renewed their scrutiny of rave culture after a 15-year old girl died of a suspected Ecstasy overdose earlier this month at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles.

At another big electronic music show last year in San Bernardino, one person died of a suspected drug overdose. Medical teams treated more than 80 others for drug-related problems and other emergencies.

San Bernardino County officials want a moratorium on large electronic music festivals in county-owned facilities. It would not affect those in more rave-friendly cities like San Bernardino and Redlands.