Huntington Beach City Council considers annexing Sunset Beach

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Steven Meiers/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Surfing at Sunset Beach in Malibu on Christmas Eve

Members of Huntington Beach's City Council are expected to vote today on whether the city will try to annex its neighboring Orange County unincorporated community Sunset Beach, according to the city's council agenda.

The move would come as the Sunset Beach Community Association is trying to separate itself from Huntington Beach's sphere of influence and become incorporated as it's own city, according to a statement on the Sunset Beach Community Association's website.

"The incorporation of Sunset Beach would improve the provision of services by providing direct local control and direct participation in the local government," the statement said.

Huntington Beach stands to gain about $624,000 from the annexation in property, sales and occupancy taxes, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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