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Calif. Congressmen want feds to investigate Station Fire

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More than half a dozen Southern California members of Congress are asking for a federal investigation of last year’s Station Fire. Two firefighters died and thousands of acres of local forest land was destroyed in the two months the fire burned.

The bipartisan group of Southern California members of Congress wants the General Accounting Office to investigate. Their call for a probe comes after reports that the Forest Service didn’t give key dispatch recordings to federal or L.A. County Fire investigators.

Those recordings detail the Forest Service’s response at the start of the fire. The lawmakers say they want to know that “every possible, reasonable, and proper action” was taken to fight the fire — and if not, why not?

The Forest Service has been sharply criticized by local officials for not calling in enough firefighters or aircraft on the first day of the Station Fire.

Southern California House members Buck McKeon, David Drier and Adam Schiff were supposed to host a public hearing in Pasadena next week to look at the early response to the fire. That’s been postponed because the House has been called back into session for a vote.