Prop 8 plaintiffs file motion opposing judge's stay

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the recently won challenge to overturn Proposition 8 in a federal district court, have filed a motion opposing federal District Judge Vaughn Walker's stay of his ruling.

Both Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown have also filed motions opposing the judge's stay and are calling for same-sex marriages to be allowed to begin in the state.

"The unconstitutionality of Proposition 8 has been proven beyond a doubt. Extending Prop. 8's denial of fundamental consititutional rights represents a grave injustice. The time for the court's ruling to go into effect is now," said Yusef Robb of the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

"We welcome Governor Schwarzenegger's and Attorney General Brown's opposition to a stay after their thoughtful analysis of the evidence, the court's ruling and the law."

The American Foundation for Equal Rights launched the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case and are committed to seeing the case through the Supreme Court, Robb said.