Twin boys die in apartment fire in Crenshaw District

Twin teenage boys died early this morning in an apartment fire in the Crenshaw district. The fire broke out around 3 a.m. at the two and three-story apartment complex on Ursula Avenue near La Brea Avenue.

Firefighters quickly knocked down the fire. But L.A. City Fire Captain Steve Ruda said by that time it was too late for the two 15-year olds.

“We made a rapid rescue in, down the hallways," said Ruda. "It completely torched and scorched; heavy smoke and heavy fire in the hallways as firefighters made their way back, crawled on their bellies to the back bedroom where they were able to save two of the children, but they weren’t able to save the two boys.”

The boys’ pregnant mother grabbed a 2-year-old boy also in that apartment, and managed to escape the flames.

L.A. Fire officials confirmed the deaths of the two boys before 5 a.m. The people who live in the complex make up a fairly close-knit community, because their apartment entrances open onto a common courtyard.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.