Action movie ‘The Expendables’ is number 1 again at box office

New movie releases this weekend didn’t rise to the top of the box office.

Sylvester Stallone and his beefed up pals held their weight for a second weekend. The action-packed flick ‘The Expendables’ is number one with about $17 million. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis lend their brawn with short appearances to add even more star power to the line-up.

Second place was almost a tie. ‘Vampires Suck’ is a spoof of the Twilight films, and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ stars A-lister Julia Roberts. They brought in about $12 million.

‘Lottery Ticket,’ about the downside of winning, brought in lucky number 4 and $11 million. It is the only new release to make the top five this weekend.

‘The Other Guys’ is number five with $10 million.

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