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Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo pleads guilty to DUI

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The former Bell city manager is back in the news. He's pleaded guilty to drunk driving in Huntington Beach.

Robert Rizzo left his job in Bell last month after an uproar over his hefty $800,000 a year salary. Last March, months before the pay fiasco, Rizzo was already in trouble.

Police officers in his hometown of Huntington Beach had arrested him for driving drunk after he crashed his car into his neighbor’s mailbox. Prosecutors with the Orange County District Attorney’s office say Rizzo was so drunk that night that the officers had to stop their field sobriety test because he couldn’t keep his balance.

Prosecutors also say Rizzo’s blood alcohol level was .28 – more than three times the legal limit.

But he won’t spend time behind bars. A judge ordered Rizzo to attend a nine-month sobriety class for first offenders. He’ll also do 10 days of community service.