Rave promoter sues LA over cancellation of October concert

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File photo: Friday of Electric Daisy Carnival 2010, as deadmau5 was playing.

The promoter of a rave event in June that ended with the death of a 15-year-old girl is suing the city of Los Angeles over the cancellation of a concert scheduled in October at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Insomniac, Inc. had contracted to stage a concert featuring the popular electronic music DJ Tiesto on October 30, but the convention center also known as LACC ended the contract two weeks ago.

Attorney John Lawrence represents Insomniac. "What I'm seeing is bit of an over-reaction on the part of those who run the LACC," says Lawrence, "sort of a knee jerk reaction to a very different problem, in a very different venue, and a very different event. I think that the decision was made rather hastily and without thinking about all the things that Insomniac is working on to make sure that this is a safe event."

Insomniac had planned to limit the Tiesto concert to fans aged 18 or older. The promoter estimated a crowd of 17,000 people.

Executives at the Los Angeles Convention Center are not commenting on the lawsuit.

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