School year, fundraising begin amid budget cuts

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As the public school year starts for many kids this week, so does parents’ brainstorming to raise money amid budget cuts.

Student candy sales and afterschool fundraisers aren’t enough for the kind of money schools need these days. Connie Brehm of La Verne had an epiphany about ten years ago, when her kids attended schools in that area.

"They both had all these fundraisers to do, I think Christmas was approaching, they wanted them to sell gift wrap and be part of a fair and raise money for that, sell tickets and all of that," she said.

She saw it as exploitation, so she wrote the school a check instead. Arcadia Unified heartily encourages that kind of support, says parent Brenda Stimpson.

"The Arcadia education fund requests from each family that they donate $500 per child to the school district," Stimpson said.

Auctions continue to be popular fundraisers. One online bidding site has helped five Southland private schools raise more than $100,000 dollars for each campus.