McCourt divorce trial resumes

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Frank McCourt, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, arrives at Los Angeles County Superior Court for day two of a non-jury divorce trial on August 31, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

After a two-week break, the divorce trial of Frank and Jamie McCourt resumes this morning in a Los Angeles courtroom. This week should shed more light on which McCourt owns the Dodgers.

When we last checked on the soap opera that is the McCourts’ divorce trial, Frank McCourt had finished on the witness stand – and Jamie had just begun answering questions. The biggest question is, who owns the Dodgers?

Frank said he does; he said he and Jamie worked out a post-nuptial agreement that put the family houses in her name and the team in his. He said Jamie didn’t like the risk of owning a sports team – so if the Dodger deal went bad, she wanted the houses safe from creditors. As we’ve learned from documents made public in the divorce, the McCourt deal to buy the Dodgers involves a lot of borrowed money.

Jamie McCourt’s argument that she co-owns the Dodgers goes like this: Frank portrays himself as the sole owner – but when the McCourts bought the team, Jamie was presented publicly as a co-owner. And there are documents the soon-to-be-ex-couple signed that list her as a co-owner; Frank says they’re wrong – but there they are. The lawyer who drew up those papers could testify tomorrow.

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