Film editor Sally Menke's body found in Hollywood Hills [Updated]

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Writer/director Quentin Tarantino and editor Sally Menke attend the 57th annual ACE Eddie Awards cocktail reception held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 18, 2007 in Beverly Hills, California.

The body of award-winning film editor Sally Menke has been found in the Hollywood Hills.

Menke was last seen hiking with her dog yesterday morning. Menke was hiking during a record Southern California heat wave. When there was no word from her by the afternoon, friends began a search.

Police joined that search in the evening and found her remains at about 2:00 this morning. Her dog had stayed with her body.

Assistant coroner Ed Winter confirmed Tuesday that the body found along a Griffith Park trail is 56-year-old Sally Menke, who edited every Quentin Tarantino film from "Reservoir Dogs" in 1992 to "Inglourious Basterds" last year. Identification was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The cause of death hasn't been determined, but Winter says there is no sign of foul play. He wouldn't disclose details or speculate whether heat may factored in her death.

Menke had gone hiking Monday, when temperatures in Los Angeles peaked at 113 degrees.

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