McCourt divorce trial continues

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File photo: Jamie McCourt leaves the Los Angeles County Superior Court for lunch with a bodyguard after the start of her non-jury divorce trial on August 30, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

The Jamie and Frank McCourt divorce trial continues in L.A. today. Testimony has focused on just how worried Jamie McCourt was that owning the Dodgers might not work.

Frank’s attorneys say that no matter what the legal paperwork says, soon-to-be-ex-wife Jamie did not want the risk of owning a pro sports team.

Testimony from attorney Robert Leib backed that up. He said he talked with the McCourts about splitting their assets seven years ago, not long after their bids to buy the Red Sox and Angels fell short.

Leib said Frank’s business deals that went bad in the 1990s shook Jamie up; she was worried they could lose their houses if the Dodger deal went bad.

Sports consultant Corey Busch told the judge that based on his talks with Jamie, he figured she “really wanted to be separate” from a deal to buy the Dodgers

Jamie’s legal team has tried to downplay the idea that she was worried. That’s what attorney James Fox Miller was doing as he questioned Dodger financial officer Peter Wilhelm.

Miller asked him if he’d ever heard Jamie talk to Frank about buying the Dodgers and say “Don’t make the deal.” Wilhelm said he had. That wasn’t the answer Jamie’s lawyers were looking for.

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