Fiorina, Boxer supporters stage noisy demonstration outside KPCC debate

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Eric Zassenhaus/KPCC

Supporters of Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Carly Fiorina and incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer square off outside the Mohn Broadcast Center in Pasadena, on Sept. 29, 2010.

More than 150 supporters of Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer and her Republican opponent Carly Fiorina demonstrated outside KPCC’s Pasadena studios Wednesday as the two candidates prepared for their final scheduled debate.

Jonathan Wilson, co-founder of the Pasadena Tea Party, joined fellow Fiorina supporters in chanting "No more Boxer."

"(We're) Tired of Barbara Boxer, 18 years too long and we feel like Carly will bring some great leadership to Washington."

Boxer supporters, including Dorothy Sholer, chanted “Outsource Carly” and wore pink slips pinned to their shirts.

"I’m here today because I’ve been a supporter of Barbara Boxer’s for 18 years. I consider her one of the most honest, people-caring senators in the entire country!"

The demonstration was loud but peaceful. Police and security guards kept order by separating protesters on opposite sides of a driveway.

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