Late November date set for Maxine Waters ethics trial

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Kitty Felde/KPCC

Maxine Waters at a press conference on ethics charges, August 13, 2010

A congressional committee has set a date for the ethics trial of Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, November 29, is the day the House ethics committee will begin a public hearing looking at whether L.A. Congresswoman Maxine Waters used her political influence to help a bank in which her husband had a financial interest.

Republicans on the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct demanded the ethics hearings on Waters and New York Democrat Charles Rangel start before the November midterm elections. Waters says she’d prefer that as well. But committee chair, California Democrat Zoe Lofgren, blasted her GOP colleagues, saying their “unprecedented statement” ignored the bipartisan discussions that were working on a hearing schedule.

In a statement, Democrat Maxine Waters again said she did not violate House rules and “will not allow anyone to suggest my life’s work has been motivated by anything other than the public interest.”

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