Sanchez, Tran to debate in Orange County this week

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Scott Nelson/AFP/Getty Images; DHN/Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

Democrat Loretta Sanchez, Republican Van Tran

Two key congressional candidates in central Orange County are due to face off in their first debates this week. The debates between Democratic incumbent Loretta Sanchez and Republican challenger Van Tran will take place Wednesday.

KOCE, the public TV station in Huntington Beach, will host and air the two half-hour debates. It will be the first time Sanchez and Tran have taken up the issues face-to-face in the close congressional race.

Sanchez reportedly is only a few points ahead of Tran. It’s a race both political parties are watching closely.

The Republicans named Tran a “Young Gun” candidate, which raised his profile and fundraising clout.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has spent $13,000 on the race. That’s not much – but it’s more than the committee’s spent on Sanchez in a decade.

Sanchez recently got into hot water during an interview on Spanish TV, when she said the Vietnamese and Republicans are trying to take her seat. That angered Tran and his supporters.

Sanchez later apologized, saying her comment was a poor choice of words.

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