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Imperial Stars band members arrested after blocking 101 Freeway for performance

A CHP officer calls it one of the most unusual calls he’s ever received. Three members of a band stopped their trailer in the middle of the 101 this morning, got on top of the trailer, and started playing.

The impromptu jam session blocked three lanes of the 101 near Sunset. Police arrested the three members of the band, known as Imperial Stars.

Officer Miguel Luevano says police think they have an idea of how the band came up with the stunt. “Well ironically, their website lists a song called 'Traffic Jam 101' as one of their songs," says Luevano. "So it appears it’s probably a stunt to get them some attention."

Luevano says officials are still trying to figure out what charges to bring against the band members. He says the charges could include anything from loitering to failing to disburse.